Strategy and values

Company started is built around the idea of building properties that secure the comfortable and happy life for people. Mission of the company – improvement of the quality of life by making sustainable solutions. 

Our goal is to together with partners to create the new reality based on the life cycle value where the building solutions secure the wellbeing, wealth, financial value and benefits for the users, residents and environment – for ages and generations ahead.  

Based on strategic targets the company operations are focused on strengthening SRV role as a sustainable, highly qualified and customer oriented constructor and developer, as well as the best employee in the industry. Our operations are based on the principles of long-term cooperation with our clients and partners.

In our operations we are led by the following values: open cooperation, sustainability , boldness in development, enthusiasm at work, result orientation. 

Advantages of SRV are based on big experience in development and in-depth understanding of customer needs. 

SRV goals till 2024: 

  • Develop the competitive advantage long-term
  • Improve customer experience
  • Create possibilities for services development 
  • Increase profitability and lower costs